Collection: Dripping Faces of the psycodelics

"Dripping Faces of the Psychedelics" is a visceral examination of perception through the lens of psychotropic substances. This collection delves into the altered states of human consciousness, with each piece distorting the conventional notions of beauty and sight. It confronts head-on the societal constructs surrounding war, sex, drug use (both legal and illicit), and the spectrum of sexual identity and orientation.

Through the medium of viewer psychedelia, the collection voices a critique of consumerism, examining how mass media and unified expressions of cultural norms plaster over individual identities. It navigates the dichotomies of judgment and acceptance, support and denial, all the while deconstructing the concept of humanity itself. The collection posits that a relentless societal machine continually manipulates our perception of human beauty and worth.

Each face within the series is an emblem representing a distinct demographic or community yet simultaneously critiques the larger societal forces that mould and manipulate collective identities. The 'dripping' aesthetic evokes the melting away of facades the dissolution of the masks we wear, revealing the raw, unmediated realities of human existence.

"Dripping Faces of the Psychedelics" not only questions but also defies the voyeuristic gaze of society, presenting a distorted reflection as a testament to the inner turmoil and liberation experienced under the influence of psychedelics. It holds up a mirror to the viewer, challenging them to see the humanity within these altered visages and to confront the controlling powers behind our constructed perceptions.