Collection: The daily live of Mr.J

The 'Daily Life of Mr.J' Collection is a candid, introspective journey into the multifaceted existence of an artist living in the ebbs and flows of time and sensation. Through a medley of diverse mediums, MrJ offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the tapestry of moments, both mundane and monumental, that have sculpted him as an individual and an artist.

Each piece is a testament to a day lived, a memory forged, a sentiment experienced. They are snapshots, not just of physical events but of the emotions, thoughts, and reflections that they invoked. From the customary to the exceptional, every artefact in this collection captures an essence of MrJ's daily life, painting a vivid picture of his artistic journey.

Beyond just a visual representation, this collection challenges the notions of time and identity. It delves deep into the concept of 'why' – why certain moments leave indelible marks, why some memories fade. In contrast, others crystallize, and why an artist chooses to immortalize particular fragments of time. Simultaneously, it also grapples with the 'when' – the value of the present, the weight of the past, and the uncertainty of the future.

This isn't merely a collection; it's an intimate diary made tangible. Through 'The Daily Life of Mr.J', the artist invites viewers not just to observe but to partake in his existential exploration. It's a chance to experience the world through his eyes, to feel the weight of his thoughts, and to witness the continuous evolution of his identity. In this dance between the artist and the observer, every piece becomes a conversation, a shared moment in time, and a testament to the ever-changing nature of human existence.