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"Child", – an evocative piece within the Graff Words collection, stands as a poignant articulation of parental absence. It's a portrayal not of the child's void but from the rare vantage point of the absent parent. With an amalgam of raw emotion, it embodies the storm of regret, rage, and solitude. It reflects the complex layers of fear that permeate a parent's decision to abandon, encapsulated in the societal scorn and unspoken expectations that shadow such choices.

The artwork is a linguistic tapestry, intertwining English and Spanish, symbolizing the chasm between intent and perception, the fragmented lines of communication that deepen the solitude. This deliberate language barrier thrusts the observer into a parallel realm of partial understanding, mirroring the disconnect between absent parents and their offspring.

"Child" boldly critiques society's reluctance to acknowledge the harsh truth that not every individual is equipped for parenthood. It challenges the orthodox narrative that propagates reproduction as an obligatory rite, disregarding the consequences of unfit parenting on the psyche of the next generation.

The canvas is rife with clandestine messages, a treasure trove of secrets woven into the visual narrative. These hidden texts await discovery and interpretation, inviting viewers to unravel the multifaceted story of abandonment and societal judgment that "Child" courageously confronts.


Artist Collection


b. [2023]

Artwork Title

Signed and dated 2023 (on the back)

Materials: mixed media (acrylics, charcoal, graffiti pens) on 220 gsm Daler Rowney Smooth Heavyweight paper

Dimensions: [Dimensions in inches and cm, e.g., "23.4 by 16.5 in. 59.4 by 42 cm."]

Created in 2023.

Condition Report


Artist Studio
London, UK, 2023


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