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"Friends" stands as a poignant testament to the intricate tapestry of human relationships, a piece that delves deep into the duality of friendship and betrayal. At its heart, it's a composition that thrives on juxtaposition. Dark, shadowy undertones are contrasted with brilliant strokes of gold, mirroring the highs and lows, the beauty and blemishes of personal bonds.

Hidden within the layers of this intricate work are messages, some discernible, others cryptic, that shift from 'friend' to 'fiend'. These subtle transitions, sometimes stark, sometimes seamless, reflect the fragile nature of trust and the ease with which it can be broken. The fading smiles, captured with meticulous detail, are a haunting reminder of moments lost and promises unkept.

As one's gaze moves across the canvas, the diminishing clarity of the strokes becomes evident. This intentional erosion symbolises the passage of time and how memories and meanings can blur, deteriorate, and sometimes transform into something entirely different.

"Friends" isn’t just a visual spectacle but an emotional journey. It challenges the viewer to question the very nature of friendship, the price of betrayal, and the impermanence of both. Every element in the piece, from its colours to its hidden messages, seeks to tell a story of bonds built and broken, of trust earned and lost, and of the fleeting nature of the human connection.


Artist Collection


b. [2023]

Artwork Title

Signed and dated 2023 (on the back)

Materials: mixed media (acrylics, charcoal, graffiti pens) on 220 gsm Daler Rowney Smooth Heavyweight paper

Dimensions: [Dimensions in inches and cm, e.g., "23.4 by 16.5 in. 59.4 by 42 cm."]

Created in 2023.

Condition Report


Artist Studio
London, UK, 2023


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