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"Mua," an integral piece of the "Graff Worlds" collection, is an ode to the essence of human connections, embodying a journey through the simplicity and chaos of relational development. This piece strips down complex emotional landscapes to their core, speaking in a visual vocabulary that blends childlike innocence with the vivid imagery of pop culture. It serves as a tapestry of everyday life, interweaving elements that resonate with a universal sense of belonging and growth.

The artwork's title, "Mua," evokes an onomatopoeic intimacy reminiscent of a kiss or a gentle greeting, symbolizing the foundational interactions that form the bedrock of relationships. Through its amalgamation of styles—from the naiveté of children’s drawings to the punchy dynamics of pop art—"Mua" encapsulates that inexplicable feeling of comfort we associate with notions of home, community, and personal evolution.

Serving as the conceptual seed from which the "Graff Worlds" collection blossomed, "Mua" holds a mirror to the raw stages of creative conception. It is in this piece that the distinctive aesthetic of the group was born—a blueprint that informs the visual dialogue of the other works.

Unlike its counterparts in the "Graff Worlds," "Mua" eschews the usual complex layering and juxtapositions for a more stripped and straightforward approach. The viewer is invited to trace the evolutionary steps of the collection through the varied line styles and experimental marks that dance across the canvas, each stroke and color a testament to the exploration and discovery inherent in the artistic process.

In "Mua," the chaos of creation is not hidden but celebrated, inviting a contemplation of the raw, unrefined stages of artistry that are often overlooked. It stands as a reminder that within the seeming disorder lies the purest expressions of intent and identity—both personal and collective—welcoming the observer to partake in this celebration of artistic genesis.


Artist Collection


b. [2023]

Artwork Title

Signed and dated 2023 (on the back)

Materials: mixed media (acrylics, charcoal, graffiti pens) on 220 gsm Daler Rowney Smooth Heavyweight paper

Dimensions: [Dimensions in inches and cm, e.g., "23.4 by 16.5 in. 59.4 by 42 cm."]

Created in 2023.

Condition Report


Artist Studio
London, UK, 2023


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